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See what other people are saying about our Bella Solara apartments! At Bella Solara Luxury Living, we value all our residents voices, and can’t wait for you to see our luxury apartments for yourself.


I've been at Bella Solara since November and have greatly enjoyed being here and am pleased with the rent I pay here. I don't know where all these negative reviews are coming from; I'm frankly surprised. I am a minority who moved here from LA and the staff helped me feel very welcomed, safe, and comfortable. Not once have I felt discriminated against. They made the move so much easier for me than I anticipated. I love that there is so much conveniently located near the apartment complex. I also love the fact that they always seem to maintain the complex clean. I've basically dealt with MJ and Edgar and they are amazing!! Honestly, MJ is a big part of the reason I decided to lease at Bella Solara. They are very approachable and friendly. I had a maintenance issue and I was delightfully surprised to see it resolved within the hour. I feel safe here and love that it's so well lit at ALL times. Not once have I seen anyone here that shouldn't be here. I have no regrets about moving here. I've seen some of these reviews complaining about the neighbors. I just want to say that the way neighbors behave is NOT on the management. They are individuals!! Even then, the management is quick to act if you have a complaint about a neighbor. I feel they truly care about their residents. The only complaint I have ever had was once about one neighbor being loud at midnight; and that was resolved the very same day. I have had no issues since then. Like I said, I don't know where all these negative reviews are coming from. Oh, and I have yet to see a single bug of any kind inside or outside my apartment.


Moved from L.A. about 2 months ago and management couldn't have been more helpful amongst the chaos of moving to a new city. I've had the privilege of interacting with MJ and Edgar at the management office and they're some the most friendly and helpful people I've ever meet. They're always asking us if we are doing okay or asking how our day is going. They have genuine conversations with you, they're not fake like other managment offices I've interacted with. Management has been great, not sure what the hell other people are complaining about in other reviews of this place. Maintenance is quick to respond and solve any issues. Had my thermostat fixed the same day I reported it being broken. They also came out on a Sunday to check out an issue I had with my washer. Then they proceeded to replace it the next day when it couldn't be fixed. Overall, very quick to respond and friendly individuals. The complex itself is clean and inviting. The part of the complex I'm at is very quiet for the most part. I do have one neighbor that tends to be noisy and disruptive at times. Also, there are kids running around and being noisy all night. However, I addressed both concerns to management and those issue have been solved to a certain extent. They can't shut them up but they can limit their disruptive behavior. All in all, I've enjoyed living at Bella. It has made my transition to living in Las Vegas easier. Look, it's not perfect but it's not the worst either. Every apartment complex has issues. You're living with hundreds of people with varying personalities. People are bound to annoy you as I'm sure you are bound to annoy some people. That's the downside to living in any apartment complex. I have nothing negative to say about management or the community.


I recently moved here and I have not experienced any problems nor have I seen any bugs... I called to report and issue with my dishwasher 20 min later they were at my door on a Sunday at closing time it’s a great place to live for me....


My family and I just relocated from Orange County CA recently and the transition of moving was a breeze!! The staff of Bella Solora are awesome and every question I had regarding the apartment complex was the answers I needed! Mj who I dealt with the move helped us out really and can't thank her enough! The apartment complex is really clean and quiet! The renovation is very nice with brand new appliances included! Living here is very convenient because the FWY is around the corner with lots of stores and attractions around within every corner block of the area!


I have lived here for 3 years and maintenance is amazing. The new management I believe is called AMC and they are fabulous. Looking forward to a resident event that Vicky and Kiera said they are planning


I recently visited Bella Solara and I must stay that the pool is absolutely beautiful! The gym has everything I need and the office staff was very helpful. I cant wait to make this my new home this summer.



An OK apartment complex. The apartments have recently been renovated with new cabinets, floors, and bathroom sinks. They do look modern. The cabinets are...



Recently moved to Las Vegas from California and the move could not have gone smoother and seamless if it wasn't for the staff at Bella Solara. MJ and Dillon...

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